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Baratti & Milano Handmade 4 Emozioni Cremotto Chocolate 1kg

Baratti e Milano Cremotto 4 Emozioni

Giant Handmade Cremino Chocolate For Sharing.

2 Pounds of Italy's Finest Luxury Hazelnut Chcolate.

This delicious Baratti & Milano large layered square jewel of artisanal chocolate is made from four incredible layers of Baratti & Milano creations. The first layer is of "fondente" which can refer to dark chocolate, but more specifically translates as "concentrated" or "more pure" chocolate. Made from a combination of red fruit forward Ecuadorian Cacao and mineral and floral forward Ghana Cacao.Second there is a layer of the original recipe with a long tradition, gianduja chocolate, velvety chocolate emulsified so smoothly and harmoniously with Piedmont's famous “Tonda e Gentile” hazelnut, it melts in your mouth. Third there is a layer of milk chocolate. This milk chocolate is the same blend as the fondente chocolate, but expertly blended with cow's milk from Normandy France. This milk is highly regarded in Europe because of the high protein level compared to fat. This gives the chocolate a richness without an overwhelming bitterness. The fourth and final layer is the cacao fat, or better known as white chocolate layer. This layer is made from the best of the cacao fat from both cacao sources to create a white chocolate like you've never tasted before. Combine these layers together and you have the four emotions of flavor. Once you take a bite of this creation of all four layers, and let it naturally melt in your mouth, you experience each layer at a time in a way that we can only describe as emotions. 

The Importance of the Cacao Farmer and Producing Chocolate

Baratti and Milano, like a select few other luxury chocolate brands, partner with the best Cacao farmers and work hand in hand to produce the best Cacao plants, in order to create the best chocolate. Baratti and Milano's cacao farmers focus on farming plants that will produce the highest quality and balanced tannin fruit, and not the highest yield of fruit. Superior farming leads to a superior product.  Cacao fruit is sourced only from farmers in Equatorial countries, Ecuador on the South American continent and Ghana on the African continent. The company's skilled experts work with the farmers during cultivation, harvesting of the ripe fruits, (the pods containing cacao beans/seeds), fermentation and drying of the fruit: these operations are carried out in the country of origin and are vital steps in achieving the highest quality and balanced base ingredient. The dried cacao beans then arrive at the chocolate factory in Italy where toasting, refining and finally conching of the chocolate are performed. The latter is an important process in regards to the balanced softness and rich velvety taste as well as the texture and shine of the chocolate. Baratti and Milano cacao beans are crafted for many hours in special copper basins. The temperature and humidity are strictly controlled to produce a chocolate that is perfectly balanced in richness and tannin exalting the natural fragrances of the original fruit.

Vintage sketch of hazelnuts growing on a branch with pale pink backrgound
The Piedmontese Hazelnut
"The hazelnuts grown in Piedmont are considered the best in the world. They are particularly prized for their unique aroma and delicate flavor. Baratti and Milano are one of the few companies to still use these local nuts in their creations. Great food begins with great farming."
Vintage sketch of cacao beans growing on a branch on an orange background
The Importance of the Cacao Farmer
Baratti & Milano, like few other chocolate companies, have multi-decade relationships with the best cacao farmers in the countries of the equatorial belt of Central America and Africa. The finest chocolates begin with the finest cacao plants.

Visiting Café Baratti e Milano

The historic cafe, the oldest continuously run cafe in Europe, is open daily in the city of Turin on the Queen's Square. The beautiful promenades connecting the sidewalks are a lovely afternoon's activity topped off with a visit to the Café to have a coffee, apertivo and some chocolate of course. Just steps away from some of Italy's best places to visit, such as the Egyption Museum, Plazzo Madama, Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista, among other gems. 

Myth and Travel

Chestnuts, the "seed" of traditions and memories

Chestnuts, the "seed" of traditions and memories

I still remember the first time I ever saw a chestnut within its prickly green home. I was around 7 and living in the south of Italy. By that time I of course had eaten my fair share of chestnuts, that were traditionally roasted after every Sunday meal at Nonna’s every Autumn. However the honor of going to pick chestnuts was not bestowed upon me until my father and grandfather thought I was old enough to go into the mountains with them and able to be aware of my surroundings especially on the lookout for the venomous green little snakes that were the topic of every mountain trip when it was time to gather the mushrooms or chestnuts.

I remember my little weaved brown basket and my dad and grandpa both taking out their heavy duty working gloves and thinking to myself, 

November 18, 2021 by Sabrina Hebert
Halloween, celebrated with an Italian “Spirit”

Halloween, celebrated with an Italian “Spirit”

The smell of cider floating in the air, the giggles of children dressed in costume giddy for their treats, jack o lanterns smiling at us creepily at every corner. The all American Halloween is one of the oldest holidays to be celebrated and recorded in American History dating back to the 1800s where it is said that immigrants from Ireland brought the mischievous festivities to America as a way to escape the potato famine back home and keep a little of their culture alive. There is no denying that children and adults from all over the United States have really begun taking this particular holiday to a different level in the past decade, with decorations galore, Halloween best costume prizes and neighborhoods known for their full size candy bars, the holiday has come a long way from the original meaning whether it meant warding off bad spirits for better crops, celebrating the Pagan beliefs for others or a festival meant to bridge the gap

October 20, 2021 by Sabrina Hebert
Soccer and the Nationalism that Dribbles Alongside it

Soccer and the Nationalism that Dribbles Alongside it

Its overtime and the score is still 1-1. Penalty kicks begin and your team misses the shot, you feel defeated, it’s been a game of over 102 minutes and you need this win. Second player shoots, he scores, you are back in the game of over 102 minutes and you need this win. Second player shoots, he scores, you are back in the game, the hope starts to creep up again, you can do this, your team can win this game… last and final player shoots… he scores….

September 30, 2021 by Sabrina Hebert
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