We all know how we "Autumn" in America. If you live or are visiting anywhere in the Northeast  the first sign is always the chilly morning air upon waking. Then the increased layers in the evening. Soon everything around us seems colored in hues of browns, yellows, red and orange. Pumpkin spice is in everything you can think of and a visit to the orchards is on the TO DO list. Truly the most majestic of seasons as some landscapes go from an abundance of greenery to a backdrop of artistic beauty and awe.

Although our Autumn shares some similarities with Italy’s Autunno, Fall has a slightly different meaning for those calling Italy home. One of the most fascinating things I remember from being raised in Southern Italy was that every season brought us something fresh, new and exciting in terms of land cultivation and farming. Fall was always the top producer being that during this season there were not only mushrooms to be found and chestnuts to be shaken off the trees and roasted but grapes to be picked from the vineyards, wine to be produced and prosciutto to be tasted after being “hung to dry”.  

Up North, stores are back to being open full time after their Ferragosto vacation period and factories are open for business and bustling with Holiday prep. Our Baratti & Milano factory starts to work on new items and the classics like Cremino & Gianduiotto while incorporating the freshly harvested Hazelnuts that we get to taste throughout our chocolates all year round. To taste some delicious Baratti & Milano chocolates head over to www.barattiandmilano.com and enjoy!

No matter when you choose to visit Italy, you will be mesmerized with its beauty and all it has to offer but as the tourists start heading home and the sun sizzles a little less, autumn is truly a magical time to visit!  There is no better time for a food enthusiast to be wandering around in any region during the months of September, October and November. With truffle tastings, wine events and chocolate festivals you will never tire of what the Italian season of Autunno is able to offer!

September 28, 2021

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