The historic Easter eggs of the Turin House can be found online and in boutique Italian shops, thanks to a new campaign that allows you to share the precious works of the great Turin pastry shop to friends & family all around the world, even from a distance, in a cylinder containing a jewelry surprise that holds a glimpse of the Belle Époque of Turin.

For the second consecutive year, the world will have to defer the Easter holidays to measures to contain the pandemic. For this reason, Baratti & Milano has thought of a completely new campaign: rooted, as always, in the great tradition of Piedmontese pastry, but capable of overcoming distances and flying over borders. In fact, for Easter 2021 we introduce the Baratti & Milano Grand Class Jewelery Cylinder, a luxury package containing various types of confectionery eggs which can be purchased online as a way to share a gift, a thought, a small glimpse of Turin delivered conveniently throughout Italy and the world (throughout Europe, but also in the USA and Uzbekistan).

The artisan egg is a centuries-old symbol of all-Italian beauty, a symbol of excellence of the Easter festivities. The history of the egg dates back to ancient times: since the Middle Ages, eggs were a symbol of sacredness and mystery, because they were capable of generating life. For the pagans they represented fertility; for Greeks, Chinese and Persians a gift for spring festivals that brought great changes; for the Egyptian philosophers they were the fulcrum of the 4 elements and for the Catholics symbol of resurrection and joy. As early as the 18th century in Turin, chocolate eggs were made at the King's Court and small delights and noble thoughts were inserted. While in Russia the jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé built jeweled eggs for tsars and tsarines with gifts and games of the highest French production, in Piedmont, a wonderful forge of noble confectioners, thought of making chocolate gems for the homes of families.

As a sign of change and hope, in a complex period in which it is impossible for many to reunite, Baratti & Milano decided to recover one of the services it had already offered since the end of the 19th century: the hand delivery of the Jewelery Cylinder, a gift that contained the precious egg.

The cylinder was found in the historical archives and adapted to the needs of modern expeditions: the luxury box containing the egg will be protected by a crisp paper representing a map of Turin from 1925, also found in the archives (in the booklet of the Reduction Cards of the National Exposition of Pure and Applied Chemistry to Industry of 1925). Inside the cylinder you will also find: different decorative stickers, with depictions of the silhouettes of children and monoplanes that were used, in the 1930s, as advertising on promotional postcards of the Baratti & Milano laboratory; a thank you card designed to accommodate a customizable handwritten greeting message; and finally an origami airplane to be built, made with the graphic map of classic candies, symbol of the early production of the House of Chocolatiers, Confettieri e Acquavitai which was the prestigious Baratti & Milano since 1858.

In a small space, therefore, the history of a city, its royal chocolatiers and the high manufacturing that still distinguishes the “maison”.

The Deluxe cylinders will be on sale only on the House website - - and in specific “La Selezione Baratti & Milano” points (a map is available on the website).

The jewelry cylinders are numbered, in a limited edition, and represent the care and dedication of each step of craftsmanship: the production of chocolate, the choice of the best hazelnuts in the world (Piedmont IGP), the manual packaging and the printing of the best papers and gold foils. Our graphic designers, printers, packers, producers and transporters are all local protagonists: Baratti & Milano, in fact, collaborates with Italian companies, together with the service of beauty.

The company's Easter eggs, which can be found on the market in Italian shops and official sites, have different recipes: the Gianduja and Extra Dark Nocciolato characterized by the presence of 200 or more whole Piedmontese hazelnuts set in chocolate; The Almond with Gianduja chocolate that wraps Sicilian almonds; 70% extra bitter dark chocolate, with the best cocoa selected at the origin; Double-layer Cremino Egg in the Gianduja chocolate with hazelnut cream and dark Gianduja chocolate with hazelnut cream, all specialty Easter eggs are gluten-free.

One of the egg recipes is also found in the book “Baratti & Milano. A great history of taste in Turin ”- published by Rizzoli - which collected the stories of the two chocolatiers Baratti and Milano and the extraordinary Turin of those times. Resistant company, which honors the all-Italian relay that has allowed, thanks to the efforts of farsighted and conscious families, to never close production from the day of its opening in 1858 to today and not to end up in foreign hands.

The 2021 campaign of Baratti & Milano aims to enclose a glimpse of hope of Turin's Bella Époque in the treasury of the Cylinder and permits anyone to offer it wherever they like, beyond borders and beyond distances. A small gesture to give closeness and sweetness with the scent of Turin, capital of chocolate.

March 22, 2022

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