Graduating in Italy differs greatly from what we think of here in the U.S. The graduate presents their thesis in front of a board with all of their family and friends in attendance. The board goes into a different room to deliberate and returns with either a pass or fail verdict, again, this all happens in front of everyone in attendance!

Once the student is a graduate, they will traditionally be “crowned” in what is called a laurel wreath throughout the day which symbolizes that they have completed university and are a newly appointed Graduate. The wreath is crafted with the leaves from “The laurel tree” which is a large shrub with green, smooth leaves and was viewed by both Greeks & Romans as a symbol of Triumph. 

In true Italian fashion the graduate’s friends will overly dramatize the event by coming up with games and tricks to poke fun at the celebrant all day long in a good old fashioned way to ensure the graduate lets loose and now is able to relax and enjoy their hard work. Even going as far as throwing food at them! Luckily we don't think Baratti & Milano Chocolates are what they are throwing at them!

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June 07, 2021

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