“La Mamma”, “The Mom”….

While we are grateful for our beautiful mothers daily, there is one day a year that we truly take the time out of our constantly busy days to formally celebrate our strong, selfless and hardworking mommas and that is Mother’s Day or in Italian "La Festa Della Mamma". 

Our mammas are our unsung heroes who truly are the foundation of our lives. Celebrate mom with her favorite treats to show her how she makes our life a bit more sweet:) The official day to celebrate in Italy falls on the same day as the U.S, the second Sunday in May.

According to an article in Paesana.com

Mother's Day was first celebrated in Italy in 1957—around 50 years after it was founded in this country—the Italian Mother’s Day tradition was started by a parish priest in Assisi, a hillside village in Umbria. Word of the festivities spread throughout the surrounding countryside and one year later, the holiday was adopted across the entirety of Italy’s 20 regions. 

For an Italian Mom, the truest form of love is expressed through food, even though if your mamma is anything like mine, she will still insist on cooking herself that day! 

Typically, moms receive plants, flowers, handcrafted cards and after possibly a long day of planting gorgeous Spring flowers moms want to be rewarded with a special treat… CHOCOLATE!

Just as all moms are different, so are their preferences for their preferred treats. Luckily at Baratti & Milano we have a wonderful assortment to delight each and every unique mom with our luxurious specialty confectionaries.

The “I want one of everything” Mom;

Our specialty assorted gift boxes are embossed in Baratti & Milano logos from the archives and handmade in Turin by a small family company, some are adorned with a simple bow in Baratti & Milano's signature royal colors.  

When mom wants it all you can't go wrong with a Baratti & Milano assortment!

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Want to make your own assortment? Introducing the Linea Storia Collection 

The Linea Storia Gift Box is the perfect way to buy the chocolates/candies your mom loves and create a memorable gift! Just add to your order of sweet treats and we will add in tissue paper and ribbon. 

Our elegant & floral Linea Storia gift boxes were originally created as custom projects for international luxury brands. The feedback was so grand that Baratti & Milano special project designers worked to re-create the artwork, originally born from the study of the old B&M archives and used in the 1940s ( during the war) and re designed our new Linea Storia boxes, now available and intended for those who want to elevate their Spring gifting with a gift box that not only carries within it the delicious chocolates and candies of Baratti & Milano but also a Royal history that expands over 160 years of true craftmanship just for your recipient!

                   Linea Storia Boxes

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The “I Dream of Limoncello” Mom,

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day and happy Spring more than our ballotin of Limoncello filled Baratti & Milano white chocolates. One small bite and you will close your eyes and taste a Southern Italian Summer with the blending of the creamy white chocolate marrying the luscious Limoncello crema!

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The “Leave the chocolate, take the candy” Mom,

Intensely flavored soft gelées are made with real Italian fruit that are picked to perfection. The best farming creates the best food.  One taste of these delightful soft fruit candies will leave mom nostalgic of childhood memories of what candy used to taste like with bursting fresh fruit flavor! 

Prefer hard candy? Our classic candies are timeless in flavor and history. The most historic candy produced by Baratti & Milano, was once one of the most famous. Made from real fruit, this elegant classic candy, "Caramella Classica", was created for the first time at Baratti & Milano in 1911, during the International Fair of Turin.  A matchless recipe of fresh and delicate flavors natural fruits, gives it it's rich taste. These candies have a classic shape, and unmistakable butterfly "farfalla" wrappings. 

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The “Cafe’ Chic” Mom 

No one needs coffee more than a Mom, coffee and chocolate together? Now that’s a winning combination! Baratti & Milano offers a variety of chocolate and coffee blends such as our assorted chocolates in vintage style tin that includes a chocolate with a creamy cappuccino center or The Baratti & Milano coffee Cremino is a smooth, melt in your mouth bite of chocolate made by emulsifying coffee beans into a fine smooth paste and layering it with the chocolate. Does mom prefer dark chocolate better?

Our 70% Dark Baratti & Milano chocolate Napolitains are sleek in style and thin in size but mighty in flavor with just the right balance of coffee grains added in. Know mom likes coffee but not sure if she wants it in her chocolate? The Baratti & Milano Assorted Fine Chocolates assortment includes the famous Gianduiotto, hazelnut cremini and an assortment of milk chocolates filled with a milky creme, cappuccino or hazelnut center, perfect if you are unsure and includes a little of everything!

Does your mamma love tiramisu'? If so the perfect sweet treat for your cafe' chic mom is our tiramisu' cremino! Layered with Gianduja chocolate, white chocolate and a coffee creme, this Cremino is sure to ignite her taste buds with its flavor of Tiramisu' splendor. 

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The “I know EXACTLY what I want” Mom

Simple yet complex, our Baratti & Milano chocolate bars will be a wonderful addition to any Mother’s Day gift. Whether our humble milk chocolate bar, our dark chocolate with fruit bar series or our more in depth Cremino series, gift your mom her favorite chocolate Bar and know she is receiving chocolate made from the finest ingredients, with passion, from the wonderful Piedmont region of Italy.


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So this Mother’s Day be sure to treat your “Bella Mamma” (beautiful mother) like a Queen and gift her Baratti & Milano, the chocolates that are so worthy they actually did serve as the official chocolates for the Royals of the House of Savoy, to the Queen of Italy!

April 26, 2023

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