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January 2023


Baratti & Milano’s Caffè Storico begins its new season with the Alciati family

The historic Caffè Baratti & Milano combines its centuries-old experience with that of Piero and Ugo Alciati's haute cuisine to create a historic collaboration on the Italian scene.

The two Piedmontese gastronomic excellences combine their experience in the most historic living room in Italy.

Starting from 12 January 2023, the Alciati brothers, owners of the Da Guido restaurant in the famous Fontanafredda estate in Serralunga d'Alba, and pillars of high-quality catering, will take care of the menu and the selection of wines of the Caffè Storico in Turin. The synergy between the café, directed by Renzo Papa, Ugo and Piero Alciati, reflects the great history of Piedmont, which brings the two realities closer together: in fact, the Fontanafredda estate was the hunting lodge of Vittorio Emanuele II, under whose reign the Galleria dell'Industria Subalpina was built and is residence of Baratti & Milano since 1874.

Ugo Alciati, one of the most famous chefs in the world, will give his prestigious contribution to the kitchen. Without radically departing from the Baratti restaurant menu, the chef will re-propose the typical ingredients of the Piedmontese tradition. The menu will be changed every month and there will be many surprises throughout the year. The project also envisions a collaboration with regard to the pastry shop, the real prestige of Caffè Baratti & Milano, thanks to the relationship between Ugo Alciati and the director Renzo Papa, who for forty years have dealt with the chocolate creations in Baratti & Milano, the ancient recipes will be perfected.

Piero Alciati, oenologist and room manager at the Serralunga d'Alba estate, will offer the Caffè customer a refined selection of wines. At the liquor counter, in addition to the historic brands and timeless drinks, many novelties will be offered signed by Walter Gosso, the award-winning Italian bartender, who will surprise customers with a list of refined cocktails.

The Café will be open for breakfast, followed by lunch (from 12.30) and an aperitif.

Furthermore, the room on the upper floor will be bookable for exclusive events and business lunches.

«Caffè Baratti & Milano is one of the most beautiful historic venues and lounges in Italy, indeed in the world. In 2003 the complex was restored, with the utmost care and attention to the history of both its architecture, which belongs to the architect Giulio Casanova, and the elegant sculptures by Edoardo Rubino», says Guido Repetto, CEO. for Baratti & Milano, «The collaboration with the Alciati family of Fontanafredda stems from the desire to connect history and high tradition of Piedmontese cuisine. We have known the Alciati family for many years and being able to collaborate in our area is a great goal that we have already achieved. For the Turinese, our Cafeteria, in the Subalpine Industry Gallery, has always been a point of reference and we are sure that this collaboration will lead us to once again show the beauty and quality of our place, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world".

«I was Director of the company production of Baratti & Milano, dealing with chocolate and sweet creams in the last 40 years, taking care of the taste of the historic brand», says Renzo Papa, Director of Caffè Baratti & Milano, «The goal of the collaboration with the Alciatis is to build a place full of occasions, from breakfasts to private parties, from catering services to banqueting needs: to rebuild the living room in the heart of the city. Welcoming Turinese and tourists in an environment that is important in terms of culture and location, with this incredible new team, will be an exciting challenge».

Even the Alciati brothers are enthusiastic about the collaboration with Baratti & Milano, which, as stated by Piero Alciati, owner and maître of the Da Guido restaurant in Fontanafredda, seems to have been born «almost instinctively, as a spontaneous rapprochement of two realities that have more things in common than you can imagine. He adds: «The first time we entered the Caffè Storico to discuss this idea, I immediately felt at home: love at first sight for a place I knew for its renowned history, but which I had lost sight of over time. Even though at that moment the project was in its infancy, we were aware that we could make a contribution on the concepts of quality, conservation and innovation at the same time. The Alciati family wants to be able to bring a contemporary Piedmontese touch through the quality of the cuisine. The aim is to give vitality to tradition by making certain flavors contemporary, without losing the identity of the place».

«We begin this adventure with a lot of positive energy, because there are many points in common that bring us closer to the historic Baratti & Milano café. In the kitchen we would like to focus on territoriality, craftsmanship the craftsmanship and on the small producers that have made the Piedmont hills known all over the world», underlines Ugo Alciati, owner and chef of the Da Guido Fontanafredda restaurant, «We would like to bring to light the magnificence of the Savoy laboratory, the largest in the city, starting right from the noble white art, paying great attention to details and raw materials for admirable results in pastry and bread making. We will bring the philosophy that characterizes our cuisine to Caffè Baratti & Milano, focusing on the artisanal creation of all the dishes: to name one of many, our homemade Plin». 

A contemporary partnership between two excellences of the gastronomic tradition. The philosophy of the Alciati brothers marries perfectly with that of Baratti & Milano precisely because of the constant search for current details, without ever forgetting the roots. The idea behind this project is therefore to build a new experience, based on an exchange of prestigious harmonies, which have led Piedmont to be the best-known food and wine hub in the world.

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January 23, 2023

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