What’s in a name….

What’s in a name….

Happy Name Day?

Yes! One more reason to be celebrated😊

Italians love a reason to gather and celebrate and celebrating your Onomastico is one more way they do so. Onomastico- In Italy this means “Name Day”. Your Onomastico day is celebrated just as your birthday would with well wishes from friends and family saying “Buon Onomastico! (Happy Name Day), a cake and sometimes even presents! But why? What is it about “Name Day” that gives such importance to the day that those surrounding you wish to celebrate it?

The celebration of ones Onomastico derives from Catholicism where there are many Holidays throughout the year that celebrate a particular Saint.

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"La Mamma"

"La Mamma"

“La Mamma”, “The Mom”….

While we are grateful for our beautiful mothers daily, there is one day a year that we truly take the time out of our constantly busy days to formally celebrate our strong, selfless and hardworking mommas and that is Mother’s Day or in Italian "La Festa Della Mamma". 

Our mammas are our unsung heroes who truly are the foundation of our lives. Celebrate mom with her favorite treats to show her how she makes our life a bit more sweet:) The official day to celebrate in Italy falls on the same day as the U.S, the second Sunday in May.

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When it comes to luxury Italian Chocolate Baratti & Milano is the top of the line. With an array of confectionary delights from real fruit hard candies to soft real fruit gelee's and of course their most popular Cremino & Gianduiotto chocolates there's no doubt Baratti & Milano has something in their portfolio that everyone can enjoy. Did you know they also have a "Cooking with Baratti & Milano" Collection? This collection includes mixes budino, panna cotta, a cooking bar etc. 

Baratti & Milano U.S.A. paired up with chef Bianca DeMasi a.k.a Mamma B, who was born and raised in Calabria, Italy and is a former owner of fine dining restaurants and gelateria/cafe's in the Northeast, so that together Baratti & Milano and Chef Mamma B could show all the endless possibilities there are when cooking with Baratti & Milano!

Mamma B has a way of simplifying a recipe and transporting you back to your nonna's kitchen while sharing her passion for all things Baratti & Milano through her recipes! 

We now can share some of her past recipes here with you and for more up to date recipes feel free to sign up with Baratti & Milano as once subscribed  you are instantly welcomed into a community of gourmet foodies, passion for Italian cuisine, chocolate and a royal history. 

Buon Appetito! 

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The Dying Art of Luxury Craftmanship

The Dying Art of Luxury Craftmanship

Have you seen a surge of “SHOP LOCAL” requests in the last couple of years? This is happening in towns all over the country and local business and store owners are realizing there is a huge online shopping shift occurring but what happens if the local stores are not being supported? Huge onlines sales are constantly being promoted around us and marketers now know that consumers want to feel like they are “getting a good deal” But as we start to trend towards more and more online consumption we start to wonder who made these goods? Where are they coming from and who do they support?

I was born in Italy but raised in America in my teen and adult life. 

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Back to school, The differences and highlights of an Italian school system

Back to school, The differences and highlights of an Italian school system

Do you feel like as soon as the sun comes up on August 1st the only conversation you hear the rest of the month is about back to school? Between the stores, commercials and emails back to school is on everyone’s mind all throughout August and personally with my last baby starting Kindergarten in a few weeks, the magnitude of school starting never seemed so in my face as this year!

Eons ago, or so it seems, I attended school in Italy, I attended pre-school there, moved to the states for elementary school then transferred to Italy for 3 years of middle school and 2 years of Liceo which is their high school. I remember moving mid high school from Italy to the States and talk about culture shock. At Liceo, school was from about 830 am to 1pm which would get us home in time to lunch with the family, then of course a little snooze to recharge and off to sports, work and homework until the next day. To make up for the missed afternoon hours,

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Baratti & Milano Bars

A Journey Around the World for The Best Chocolates

It’s a small world after all, and you get to taste it with every bite of Baratti & Milano…

If you have ever had a Baratti & Milano bar you will see a small compass on each piece of chocolate. I found myself curious on the meaning behind this symbol and after some research concluded that the reason why is that Baratti & Milano uses ingredients not just local to them in Turin but also sources their other well-known ingredients from around the world to ensure that when they create a new chocolate or cookie or candy, they create it with the very BEST of ingredients! Let’s hop aboard our imaginary flight in this blog as we jet set through the many places in the world that makes Baratti & Milano an unforgettable treat.

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The Royal House of Savoy; The Who, The How and The Where

The Royal House of Savoy; The Who, The How and The Where

The Baratti & Milano name has a long spanning history of over 160 years. You might notice us mentioning “the chocolates for kings and queens” and “your royal access to”. This is because Baratti & Milano were in fact the King and Queen’s chocolates recognized as the “Official Chocolatier of the Royal House of Savoy.

Part 1. So Who were the Savoy’s?

Referred to by the Italians as Casa Savoia, The House Of Savoy, was a royal dynasty recognized in 1003 in the Savoy region of Europe. As the Savoy family


Baratti & Milano Easter Egg Flies Beyond Borders 2021 Campaign Press Release (Translated From Original Author)

Baratti & Milano Easter Egg Flies Beyond Borders 2021 Campaign Press Release (Translated From Original Author)

The historic Easter eggs of the Turin House can be found online and in boutique Italian shops, thanks to a new campaign that allows you to share the precious works of the great Turin pastry shop to friends & family all around the world, even from a distance, in a cylinder containing a jewelry surprise that holds a glimpse of the Belle Époque of Turin.

For the second consecutive year, the world will have to defer the Easter holidays to measures to contain the pandemic. For this reason, Baratti & Milano has thought of a completely new campaign: rooted, as always, in the great tradition of Piedmontese pastry, but capable of overcoming distances and flying over borders.

March 22, 2022 — Sabrina Hebert