Baratti & Milano Bars

A Journey Around the World for The Best Chocolates

It’s a small world after all, and you get to taste it with every bite of Baratti & Milano…

If you have ever had a Baratti & Milano bar you will see a small compass on each piece of chocolate. I found myself curious on the meaning behind this symbol and after some research concluded that the reason why is that Baratti & Milano uses ingredients not just local to them in Turin but also sources their other well-known ingredients from around the world to ensure that when they create a new chocolate or cookie or candy, they create it with the very BEST of ingredients! Let’s hop aboard our imaginary flight in this blog as we jet set through the many places in the world that makes Baratti & Milano an unforgettable treat.

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The Importance of the Cacao Farmer

The Importance of the Cacao Farmer

Baratti and Milano, like few other luxury chocolate brands, partner with the best Cacao farmers and work hand in hand to produce the best Cacao plants, in order to create the best chocolate. Baratti and Milano's cacao farmers focus on farming plants that will produce the highest quality and balanced tannin fruit,

April 15, 2018 — Kelly Finn