Since the beginning, Baratti & Milano has produced a fantastic praline of three layers called "Cremino”. The original recipe of Master Chocolatiers is a treasure of a long tradition of confectionary and a gift of a little jewel of sweetness and balance with chocolate containing exclusively cacao and cacao butter as in the original recipe.

Quite possibly one of the most artistically appealing chocolates invented, the Cremino originated in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, it is distinctively recognized by its cube shape and three layers differentiating in color to showcase the Gianduja chocolate outer layers encompassing an inner layer that consists of a chocolate paste including a variety of flavors such as coffee, almond, hazelnut, lemon etc. It is renowned and prized for its delicate creaminess, made up of harmonious layers of pure velvety chocolate Gianduja and hazelnut cream made from Piedmontese "tonda e gentile" hazelnuts. 

The “Tonda e Gentile” hazelnuts from the Langhe area are truly one of a kind with distinctive characteristics and cultivated with the highest level of regard. Anyone and everyone that has an interest in Hazelnuts knows that the very best come from the Piedmont Region in fact, the area where the hazelnuts are cultivated is so concentrated in high quality land and cultivation of foods and wines that it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The specific Piedmontese soil is able to sustain the hazelnut trees producing a sweeter, more delicate hazelnut perfect for its purpose in the Cremino making process. The ONLY region that is able to sustain these particular hazelnut trees is the Piedmont area that Baratti & Milano uses for its Cremino and other chocolates.

In the 19th Century, the founders of Baratti & Milano, Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano, invented the Cremino as we know it today. There are some documents stating that other chocolatiers created a Cremino with 4 layers in a competition to win a FIAT promotional collaboration to promote their new car at the time but the three layered blissful bite we enjoy today can be credited to Baratti & Milano who then went on to become the official chocolatiers to the Royal House of Savoy!

Perhaps the most important thing to know about the Cremino is that it is officially classified as a “traditional food product of Piedmont” and therefore it must uphold the standards of using only the best of ingredients whether it be hazelnuts from Piedmont region, lemons from Sicily, the highest quality coffee etc. When you have a real Cremino you will be able to differentiate the flavors of ingredients that showcase an impeccable quality. Creamy, smooth and velvety in texture, and delicious and enticing in flavor the Cremino typically is served as a luxury chocolate and wrapped in a foil either colored in the flavor of that particular Cremino (so green for pistachio, yellow for lemon etc) or you may find a larger version of the Cremino called the Cremotto which takes all the same Cremino feels and flavors and presents itself in a larger version. The Cremotto might be found in some higher end Italian Gelaterias, Café’s and/or also restaurants that may bring the Cremotto to your table and serve you a “slice” directly from the Cremotto.. BUONO!

At Baratti & Milano our Cremini are made in 12 different varieties.  Classico, Extra Noir, Bianco & Noir, Wafer, Pistachio, Lemon, Almond, 4 Layers, 4 Emozioni, Hazelnut, Coffee, and the new 160th Anniversary Limited Edition, using the original ancient recipe and the show stopping Cremotto to showcase at your next gathering! 



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May 17, 2023

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