Who would have thought that something so fragile and small like an egg could have a history that spans thousands upon thousands of years ago....

As soon as Spring starts to bud, Baratti & Milano will break out the hashtag; #breakanegg .....but what does that mean?

Just like the phrase "break a leg" is meant to signify good luck so too does the wonderful egg carry a weight of significance & symbolism.

You wouldn’t think so, but cracking an egg has a LOT of history and symbolism behind it!

Eggs in many cultures and for many years have always symbolized fertility.

According to Bon Appetit Magazine  farmers believed that if they scattered broken eggs onto their fields that they would welcome an abundant crop.

If you were to find two yolks next time you crack your egg? Well then someone you know will be having twins.

Folklore also has us crushing our eggshells after each use so that a “witch” will not gather up the remains and thus be able to cause terrible storms at sea.

There are many other superstitions, traditions and “egglores” listed in “Egg Traditions You’ve Never Heard of” such as the Orthodox church blessing Easter Eggs because to them the egg symbolizes resurrection and new life.

In Italy it is customary to present the children on Easter morning a chocolate egg hallowed out within that once cracked, containing a jewel or toy. According to the 2021 Baratti & Milano Easter campaign press release, The artisan egg is a centuries-old symbol of all-Italian beauty, a symbol of excellence of the Easter festivities.

The history of the egg dates back to ancient times: since the Middle Ages, eggs were a symbol of sacredness and mystery, because they were capable of generating life. For the pagans they represented fertility; for Greeks, Chinese and Persians a gift for spring festivals that brought great changes; for the Egyptian philosophers they were the fulcrum of the 4 elements and for the Catholics symbol of resurrection and joy. 

As early as the 18th century in Turin, chocolate eggs were made at the King's Court and small delights and noble thoughts were inserted. While in Russia the jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé built jeweled eggs for tsars and tsarines with gifts and games of the highest French production, in Piedmont, a wonderful forge of noble confectioners, thought of making chocolate gems for the homes of families.

No matter how you enjoy your Baratti & Milano Easter Egg this year, it might be eye opening to take a moment and read about all the different symbolisms and  meanings behind the mighty egg.

If you and your family have any “Egg” traditions and meanings email us at ciao@barattiandmilano.com and share! WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!

March 22, 2022

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