There is nothing more appealing than a luxury dessert table with just the right heights, colors and hues to ensue beauty and grace. Make your next event memorable with a dessert table they will never forget full of flavor and history with a pop of creativity. Whether Baratti & Milano is the main feature of your table or an added accompaniment, we have some tips to ensure your next event makes history... 

First, let's talk Height:

Gone are the days where you would put everything out on a table and walk away. Now is the time to shine through the presentation of the food which has become just as important as the actual taste of the food. 

One way to really make your dessert table playful and appealing is to add heights and layers to the platters. By using a table cloth with “props” underneath (think how you can finally use all those empty amazon boxes lying around!) or by using different height platters/jars you can elevate some of the items while placing the “main” dessert in the middle (i.e. cake, cupcakes etc.) This tip really makes a difference and is a must try at your next function! 

Now for colors, 

Next, using different platters, apothecary jars and/or colorful plates will really add that layer of contrasted details to your table. If you have a theme then stick to items in that color scheme but you can always add a pop of color contrast to offset the colors and to bring attention to one specific item, concentrating here again on if you have a MAIN item. 

Finally, let's discuss Assortment:

Remember not every sweet tooth is created equal. You will want to make sure there are an array of different offerings to not only impress your guests by the selections but also so that you have options to offer to all guests. Think of adding items you might not see every day on a dessert table i.e., dried fruits, cheese platter, cordials to pair with the desserts etc. 

*Also while planning your dessert table don’t forget the following!

-cocktail napkins 
-colorful, fun, playful plates/platters/jars
-demitasse size spoons/forks 
-Labels to label your items so that guests can oooohhhh and ahhhhh with anticipation! 

The Baratti & confectionary company that was founded by Ferdinando Baratti & Edoardo Milano in 1858 in Turin, Italy and is one of the oldest European Chocolate Companies in operation today.

Baratti & Milano has always used the very best and finest ingredients thus establishing themselves quickly as a luxury chocolate brand worthy enough to become the personal chocolatiers to the Royal house of Savoy. 

When looking for items for your next dessert table look no further than!


September 09, 2022

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