In Italy Father’s day is celebrated on March 19th, in conjunction with St. Joseph’s Day, which is celebrated by Catholics around the world to honor the depicted father of Jesus Christ, Joseph. Joseph was a saint, a protector and a provider. Although life has since changed since the time of Joseph, children of all ages and all over the world will continue to look up to their papa’ to fill those same roles mentioned above.

Like all special occasions in Italy, Father’s Day typically revolves around a hearty lunch for dad and children will scream “Auguri Papa’” and give cards and gifts to honor their fathers. The holiday is also encouraged in schools where teachers will have children make special crafts and write poems since the holiday in Italy is during the school year in the month of March.

An article in Life in Italy highlights some of the main food staples on Father’s day including bigne’s and zeppole depending on the region you are celebrating in. The Zeppole di San Giuseppe can be described as small pastry doughnuts filled with pastry cream and topped with sour cherries. According to an Italian Bello article , the reason why this dessert is the symbol of Father’s day is because it was believed that Joseph sold “pancakes” or “doughnuts” whilst trying to flee King Herod and provide for his family. 

Want to impress Papa’ with an Italian poem? Here is a well known poem for Dad on his special day written found in the Italian Bello article……

Lo conoscete il mio papà?  /Do you know my dad?

Ve lo presento: eccolo qua!/ Let me introduce him to you: Here he is!

Ma non è vero che è un tesoro?/ He’s a sweetheart, isn’t he?

Un paparino tutto d’oro. / A golden daddy.

Se fa il severo, quando s’arrabbia, mi dice: “A letto!” / If he is stern, when he gets angry, he says to me, “To bed!”

Io lo abbraccio, gli do un bacetto. / I hug him, I give him a little kiss.

A questo punto subito molla, / Then he immediately gives up, 

diventa dolce, di pastafrolla. /and becomes sweet like a malleable dough

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May 20, 2022

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