Ballotin of Cremino Classico, Hazelnut Chocolate


This little ballotin contains 6 pieces, perfect for a little hostess gift or favor or for treating yourself. Enjoy this blissful bite of creamy chocolate blended with hazelnut. Yum!

Cremino Classico

The classic cremino is a classic for a reason. It's a perfectly balanced bite of chocolate and hazelnut, based on the original . The Ingredients for this delightful treat are the best available in the world in the quantity needed. The Chocolate is a blend of chocolate chonched in house from Ecuador and Ghana, slowly roasted to achieve a balanced cacao, milk from Normandy France, prized for its high protein content, world famous tondo gentile hazelnuts from the Piedmont Region of Italy, where the factory is based, and vanilla from Madagascar. 

The Cremino Classico is a modern version of the original recipe created for the Royal Family of Savoy in the late 1800's, that you can try here

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