Grand Tasting Selection of Chocolate Bars

$28.00 $24.00

Meet the chocolate battuto (the Italian flavor base like the French mirepoix). This grand tasting selection includes 3 bars: Milk Chocolate, Giandjua and Extra Dark.

The smooth creaminess of the milk chocolate melts decadently on your tongue for an out of body experience. It's the perfect milk chocolate lover's milk chocolate. There's no fear of a chocolate overdose with Baratti & Milano's milk chocolate bar.

What makes Giandjua chocolate so special is the hazelnut paste in the chocolate. You will experience the taste of chocolate and hazelnuts in a new and wonderful way. We call that a #win.

Through the bold, balanced flavors in the Extra Dark you can taste the superior Italian craftsmanship of the chocolate. The farming and sourcing of the cacao and the process and blending creates a delicious extra dark chocolate bar that will make you go back for more.

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