Baratti & Milano Original Hot Chocolate 90 Grams


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Indulge in the same rich thick hot chocolate that is made in the famous Baratti & Milano Café in Turin, Italy in your own home. Of Aztec origin, our renowned "cioccolata calda"  was introduced to the European aristocracies by the Spaniards and brought to the Piedmontese court by Emanuele Filiberto. Today it is prepared in the original recipe of Caffè Storico Baratti & Milano, in just a few minutes it allows you to enjoy a hot chocolate of divine goodness and velvety creaminess.

Net Wt. 90g/3.2oz
Makes 4 portions.

Two individual bags make 2 portions each.

Sugar, low-fat cocoa, carrageenan thickener, natural flavors.

Gluten free.

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 50 to 78 degrees F.

Learning a little Baratti & Milano History:
The famous Caffè Baratti & Milano owes its name to the Baratti & Milano confectioners Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano. Moving to the Savoy city in 1858, they opened a confectionery and pastry shop in via Dora Grossa 43, now via Garlibaldi , destined to become one of the most renowned brands in the Piedmontese and Italian confectionery industry. Caffè Baratti & Milano soon became a coveted meeting place for the bourgeoisie and intellectuals, so much so that its success grew to the point of receiving the qualification of "Official supplier of the Royal House".

Italian Translation:
Baratti e Milano Preparato per La Cioccolata Calda L'Originale 

To Be Enjoyed: 
On its own or with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top, or an artisanal marshmallow. For a holiday treat serve with crushed candy canes!

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