There is nothing more appealing than a luxury dessert table with just the right heights, colors and hues to ensue beauty and grace. Make your next event memorable with a dessert table they will never forget full of flavor and history with a pop of creativity. Whether Baratti & Milano is the main feature of your table or an added accompaniment, we have some tips to ensure your next event makes history. 

Baratti & Milano Dessert Table

First, let's talk Height:



Now for colors, 

 Baratti & Milano Candy and Cremino Display


Next, using different platters, ? jars and/or colorful plates will really add that layer of .........


 Baratti and Milano chocolates displayed in tall glass jars

What should every dessert table have?

-cocktail napkins 
-colorful, fun, playful small plates (no larger than 6 in)
-demitasse size spoons/forks 

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