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Sept 17th, 2020 4:30 - 6:00 pm Central
Virtual Chocolate Testing & Wine Pairing "Happy Hour", Hosted by Sesh Co-Working
Tickets $35 for one attendee, $45 for a couple + $20 shipping (U.S. Only).  No shipping fee for local pick-ups in Houston, TX.

July 10th, 2018
Collisioni World Known Food, Wine and Music Festival in Barolo Italy.

The flavor of the historic #cioccolata meets gourmet focaccia during the AgriRock @collisioni 2018 Festival. Petra Molino Quaglia hosted us on the Wine & Food stage at Collisioni 2018 last June 30th 2018, giving birth to an extraordinary collaboration between the two companies! "Between the two companies there has always been a great mutual respect. Both are 100% Italian and managed by the Family, they transform high-end products recognized all over the world, both have always supported culture and premium food, possibly in the same place (as happens in Collisioni), with the real intent of improving cultural investments of artistic directions, combining high quality food in the great festival events. This contamination was desired by Baratti & Milano and immediately found a wonderful embrace from Piero Gabrieli and Chiara Quaglia, both properties believe that much still needs to be experienced in the encounter between the two great Italian products in question, chocolate and flour. . We will take a cue from this first Contamination to experiment and reflect on possible other collaborations, letting the journalists Gigi and Clara Padovani guide us along the path, defined by Corriere della Sera as the dark couple of Italian food writing ".
The Panel Discussion about Flour and Chocolate.

June 14th, 2018
The Grand of Unveiling of La Selezione Baratti&Milano n°02, the Partnership with Torino's best gelato, CONOGELATO.

The Baratti & Milano Selection n ° 02 - enthusiastic about the beautiful afternoon spent together by @_conogelato_! A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have passed or who have followed us in this very good news: Baratti & Milano flavored ice cream. Thanks also to @compdeicaraibi who cheered us up with the gin and vermouth granitas.
The Crowd in front of Conogelato, the amazing new gelato shop featuring Baratti & Milano Chocolate, in Torino.

May 27th, 2018
The Grand Unveiling of La Selezione Baratti&Milano N 01 At Abri in Turin Italy.

La Selezione Baratti & Milano N 01 - The Staff of Baratti & Milano is delighted to have participated in the inauguration of the Primo Punto La Selezione Baratti & Milano at @abritorino. A wonderful audience for a special occasion, the 160th birthday of Baratti & Milano, a birthday celebrated with a new collaboration. Thanks to all the large audience!

The beautiful inside of Abri and the room that contains Baratti & Milano.
Photo by @carlocariosso

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