All our U.S. orders are shipped from Houston, Texas, so we know about packing your shipment properly for different weather conditions, especially the summer heat. Each order is packed with care to ensure it arrives at your door in the best possible condition.  We're very proud of our long heritage of beautiful packaging and we want to make sure you get to enjoy the experience of opening your chocolate, cookies or candies (almost) as much as you enjoy the first bite! Here is how we pack your orders:
  • All products are packed in food safe plastic bags and wrapped in food safe recycled bubbles or recycled foam to keep them from getting crushed or damp from condensation
  • All products are shipped with food safe humidity control packets.
  • Food safe frozen gel packs are enclosed to keep the temperatures cool inside the box as your delicious treasure begins its journey to you
  • Insulated lining reflects heat and keeps the cool air in
  • Temperatures at the destination and shipping hubs along the way are monitored to calculate the ideal weight ratio of chocolate to frozen gel packs
  • If you have any problems with shipping, we're here to help and we promise to work hard to make it right


Some tips to consider when selecting your shipping options:

  • If possible, have your order shipped to your office or somewhere the package can be accepted and brought inside right away instead of sitting in the sun.
  • What if no one is home? Does your delivery person leave a note if the package doesn't fit in your mailbox? It's best to avoid the package sitting on a truck for an extra day.
  • We normally do not ship on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays to avoid packages sitting over the weekend in a shipping facility.  However, depending on the shipping option you select and estimated days in transit, we may ship on Wednesday or Thursdays.  If you have any questions about the best way to ship you can email us before you order, or add a note to your order if you'd like us to contact you.
  • Shipping days on our checkout page are estimates provided by the carriers.  During the summer, if it shows more than 2 days for UPS Ground, you may want to consider the extra expense to upgrade.  We add extra gel packs without adding extra shipping cost to you when the delivery time is longer, even though the weight goes up, but they can't stay frozen forever!

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