Baratti & Milano Orange and Lemon soft Amaretto Cookies 167 Grams Bag


Soft Lemon and Orange Baratti & Milano Amaretto Cookies that are truly a rare delicacy. These limited edition soft Amaretti cookies made in the traditional method include the wonderful addition of Limone (lemon) or Arancia (Orange) that comes from the best farmers in southern Italy. The fresh oils from the skin or zest of this remarkable fruit is added to the amaretto cookie  ingredients harmonizing with the extravagance of the almonds. 

Amaretto cookies are apart of the Ligurian-Piedmontese confectionery tradition stretching back to as long as anyone can remember. And is in fact part of a culturally protected tradition. 

Baratti and Milano's Amaretti cookies are unmistakable with its pronounced almond aroma, which remains soft and fragrant.

10 cookies. 5 Lemon and 5 Orange.
Net Wt. 167 grams (5.9 oz.)

Sugar, apricot kernels, almonds, egg white, lemon or orange essential oil, preservative: potassium sorbate

May contain traces of gluten.

Learning Italian:

Soffice is the Italian word for fluffy and in this case translating to soft.

Italian Translation:
Baratti e Milano Biscotti Soffice Amaretto al Arancia e Limone 

About The Town of Sassello:
The historic factory that produces the Baratti & Milano Amaretto cookie and other baked delicacies, is located in the famously historic town of Sassello, a gem of a town on the border between Liguria and Piedmont, famously known for the best soft Amaretto cookies in Italy. Sassello, located on the border between Liguria and Piemonte, is in the Ligurian Apennines and about 26 km, roughly 16 miles, from the Mediterranean coast. This small town, or in Italian, commune, played a major role in the production of iron during the ironworks period. The city passed from rule by Genoa, to Sardinia, to finally Savoy just before the unification of Italy in the late 1800s. As the ironworks industry disappeared, the towns focus became that of nut cultivation, farming and confections. The regions are known for having the best quality almonds, chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts in the world.

To be Enjoyed:
Best served at room temperature or slightly warmed. 

These soft delicious amaretto cookies can be paired with a chilled grappa after dinner, an afternoon tea or crumble them up and serve over your favorite ice cream for a delightful and unique treat!

COD 4612