Baratti & Milano Spritz Hard Candy 500 or 250 Gram Bulk Bag

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Introducing the perfect apertivo, in a hard candy form. The Baratti & Milano Spritz Hard Candy was created to bring forth flavors of the traditional Italian pre dinner drink known as the Aperol Spritz. While enjoying this candy you might find yourself, through a little imagination, on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean sipping a Spritz on an Italian adventure.

This product is not intended for the consumption for persons under the age of 21 years of age in the USA. 

Alcohol by volume under 1%

Net Wt. 500 Grams/17.6 oz.
Each Candy weighs about 9/10 grams. 
Approx. 48/50 candies. 

Sugar, glucose syrup, aperitif (water, sugar, alcohol, flavorings, salt, colorings E110, E124), Prosecco Doc wine (contains sulphites) less than 1% alcohol by volume, acidifier: acid citric, natural flavoring, concentrated orange juice.

Gluten free.

Made in Italy.

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 68 to 73 degrees F. 

Your Italian Lesson:
Caramelle Classica Spritz translates to hard candy made from sugar, classic, spritz, which is a classic before dinner drink in Italian, often consumed during the before dinner time referred to as Apertivo.

Italian Translation:
Caramelle Classica Spritz

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