Baratti & Milano Historical Tin of Natural Fruit Hard Candy 280 Grams


This beautiful Baratti & Milano keepsake tin is designed after one of our historical tins from our archives, depicting a scene of an Italian Mom giving candies to the neighborhood children. The most historic candy produced by Baratti & Milano, was once one of the most famous. This elegant hard classic candy, "Classica Caramella" was originally created for the first time at Baratti & Milano in 1911, during the International Fair of Turin. Real fruit and a matchless recipe of fresh and delicate flavors gives it it's rich taste.

These candies have a classic shape, and unmistakable butterfly "farfalla" wrappings. Their flavors include: pineapple, orange, ratafia (almond), lemon, pear, rennet apple (small apple found in Italian cuisine), anise, mint, strawberry and bilberry (a European style blueberry). 

Net wt. 280 grams or 9.87 oz.

Assorted Hard Candies

Sugar, glucose syrup, almonds, citric acid, pineapple, aniseed, orange, strawberry, lemon, rennet apple, peppermint oil, bilberry, pear, black cherry, ratafia. 

Gluten Free


Made in Italy

Italian History:
About the artist, Gino Boccasile, was a well known Italian illustrator famous and infamous, born in 1901. He created many iconic advertising posters well known today. Interesting fact is that Boccasile only had one eye, which many believe gave his beautiful artwork it's unique look and depth.

Italian translation:
Baratti e Milano Storico Boccasile Barattolo di Caramella Dura alla Frutta Naturale

COD 5720