Baratti & Milano Canestrellini Pasticcini Cookies 125 Grams

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Pasticcini are small Italian cookies that border on the line of fine pastries, but generally eaten with a cup of espresso or hot tea. Typical dessert of the Ligurian tradition, it originates in Torriglia, a town in the Ligurian mountains and dates back to at least the sixteenth century. Unmistakable for its characteristic "scalloped" circular shape on the outside and with a hole in the center. An exquisite and fragrant flower with an unmistakable vanilla aroma, a crumbly and grainy texture, yellow in color and whose shape recalls that of the coins of the ancient Genoese fiefdoms as a symbol of abundance and prosperity. These small bite sized cookies are sprinkled with the finest powdered sugar, ready to eat, or can be dressed up with what you have from the market, a fruity jam, nut spread or whipped cream and berries. 

Type "0" wheat flour, sugar,  vegetable fats (coconut, cacao butter, and sunflower), butter, corn flour, egg yolk, salt, natural flavors.

Net Wt. 125 grams/4.4 oz 

Type "0" wheat flour, sugar,  vegetable fats (coconut, cacao butter, and sunflower), butter, corn flour, egg yolk, salt, natural flavors.

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 60 to 78 degrees F. 

Learning about Italy:
Sassello, located on the border between Liguria and Piemonte, is in the Ligurian Apennines about 26 km, roughly 16 miles, from the Mediterranean coast. This small town, or in Italian, commune, played a major role in the production of iron during the ironworks period. The city passed from rule by Genoa, to Sardinia, to finally Savoy just before the unification of Italy in the late 1800s. As the ironworks industry disappeared, the towns focus became that of nut cultivation, farming and confections. The regions are known for having the best quality almonds, chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts in the world.

Italian Translation:
Baratti e Milano Pasticcini Italiani di Sassello

To be enjoyed:
These phenomenal light and airy style Italian cookie pair perfectly for an afternoon pick me up alongside an espresso or macchiato and also alongside a cup of tea after dinner. For a different pairing try alongside a sweet dessert wine such as a VinSanto.

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