Baratti & Milano Marrons Glace (Chestnuts) Ballotin 160 Grams


Same Baratti & Milano Marrons Glace you love debuting a new look this season.  You know it's winter time in Italy when you can't walk down a cobblestoned street without the enticing smell of roasted chestnuts in the air. Baratti & Milano's version of these very special traditional winter street food is sweet over savory with a delicate sugar coating. These never last on our shelves! 

One Ballotin of Chestnuts 
Approx. 8 pieces per ballotin

, sugar, glucose syrup, flavours. 

Product subject to drying

Learning Italian: 
Marrons Glaces is French for Candied Chestnuts. Translated in Italian you would say Castagne (chestnuts) Candite (Candied).

Italian Translation:
Baratti e Milano Ballottin di Castagne Candite

To be Enjoyed:
These scrumptious and delicious Candies Chestnuts would make a wonderful addition to your holiday table on a Charcuterie board, alongside a cheese board or featured on a dessert table. Traditionally Chestnuts pair well with young red wines such as a Valpolicella or Dolcetto. In this case, given the sweetness of the glaze on the Chestnut, you can pair alongside some dessert wine and/or champagne. 

COD 4666