Baratti & Milano Small White Chocolate Eggs With Caramel Crystals 500 Grams


Inspired by the Crème Brulee dessert, our artisanal chocolatiers created a masterpiece white chocolate egg with crunchy pieces of caramel crystals inside. This little jewel of an egg is so good, it might not make it to the Easter Egg Hunt this year 🐰

Net. Wt. 500g/17.6oz

Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, caramel grains (caramelized sugar, caramelized glucose syrup, caramelized cream, caramelized butter) (10%), emulsifier: soya lecithin.

It may contain traces of hazelnuts.

Gluten free

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 60 to 78 degrees F.

Learning Italian:
Easter is Pasqua in Italian. In Italy, the day after Easter, Easter Monday, is known as La Pasquetta, which is literally translated as Little Easter. Some regions celebrate this day more so than the actual day of Easter. Easter Egg is translated to Uovo di Pasqua.

Italian Translation:
Ovetto Cioccolato Bianco Con Cristalli di Caramello

COD 4145