Baratti & Milano The "Cuscino" Filled Chocolates Assortment Box 150 Grams


Packaged in a gift box resembling a cushion, the new Baratti & Milano assorted chocolates gift contains some of the most favored chocolates such as Baratti & Milano's milk and dark solid chocolates filled with the highest quality chocolate. The perfect small gift to bring to a hostess, fill a stocking, or as an addition in a gift basket! 

Net Wt. 150g/5.3 oz

Milk Chocolates
The Baratti & Milano Latte or Milk Chocolate is a work of craftsmanship spanning over the finest farming, several artisanal works and the highest quality processes to create the world's smoothest best tasting milk chocolate. The cacao mass selected to create this chocolate is a balanced blend of Ecuador and Ghana cacao fruit, chosen at the source still in fruit form, blended to create the best chocolate flavor. Most all chocolate companies choose chocolate already processed into cacao mass from the country of origin. All Baratti and Milano cacao mass is conched and created at Baratti and Milano in Italy.

A very low temperature is used to create one of the least bitter chocolates due to the low heat not creating a bitter flavor from burning but only from the natural tannins from the cacao. The chocolate is then worked until it is less than 20 microns, meaning it is the smoothest, most velvety chocolate you can eat. The chocolate is then blended with the best sugar available, the finest Madagascar vanilla, and the best European milk from happy cows eating the very green grass in Normandy France. This milk is highly valued due to its high protein and low fat structure. 

Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin. (Cocoa: 30% minimum). It may contain traces of hazelnuts and almonds.

Gluten free.

70% Dark Chocolates
This Baratti & Milano 70% chocolate is part of the Gran Selezione Degustazione collection and uses a blend of cocoa beans from Ghana and Ecuador to create a perfectly balanced 70% chocolate. As in all Baratti & Milano products, there are only natural ingredients used to produce this amazing chocolate. Our chocolate master's objective is to create a chocolate with balanced flavors of tannin from the 70% chocolate. This is the ideal "semi-sweet" flavor for a not-too-dark, not-too-light chocolate experience. This blend creates a balance of flavor of red fruit and floral notes.

Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, fat-reduced cocoa, natural flavor. Contains a minimum of 70% cocoa. May contain traces of (was produced in a facility and on machinery that also produces products that contain): milk, hazelnuts, almonds, soy

Gluten Free

Dairy Free (may contain trace amounts)

Vegan (may contain trace amounts of dairy)

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 60 to 78 degrees F.

Learning Italian:
The word Cuscino in Italian translates to pillow or cushion in English.

Italian Translation:
Baratti e Milano Cuscino Cioccolatini Assortiti

COD: 4410