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Classic Cremino Bulk (WS)


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Cremino Classico

The classic cremino is a classic for a reason. It's a perfectly balanced bite of chocolate. Enjoy this creamy chocolate blended with hazelnut by yourself or refill your Baratti & Milano vintage style tin.

This creamy chocolatey praline of three layers is called the “CREMINO”. Renowned and prized for its delicate creaminess, it consists of harmonious layers of pure velvety chocolate gianduja and hazelnut cream made from Piemontese “tonda e gentile” hazelnuts. The original recipe of Master chocolatiers is a treasure of a long tradition of confectionary and a gift of a little jewel of sweetness and balance.

The cremino has been a world renowned chocolate since the days it won the hearts and taste buds of royalty first during the 1800's, in Italy and across Europe.  They have long been a Baratti & Milano specialty. The little cubes of layered chocolate delight when you pull one end of the outer band and the wrapping unfolds like origami.

Ingredients: Milk chocolate and Gianduja hazelnuts (sugar, hazelnuts (26%), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, internal milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin. Cocoa 24% minimum), sugar, hazelnuts (10%), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin. It may contain traces of other nuts.

Gluten Free

500 gram bulk bag
About 48 pieces

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 68 to 73 degrees F. 

Learning Italian:
Classico is Italian for classic.

What is a cremino?

To be enjoyed:
Truly a phenomenal dessert, the Cremino can go one of two ways. Once you taste the cremino if the lingering flavor for you is the milk chocolate than you will most definitely enjoy this with a Moscato D’asti, both creamy and fragrant, with a pleasant bubble and a finish which is particularly fresh. However, you can also pull the flavor of the hazelnut crème and that couples very well with a red wine such as a Petite Syrah that is picked at the peak of ripeness and shows off dark fruits of blackberry, blueberry and hints of cranberry, black pepper, cedar, warm spices and toasty vanilla. For a sweeter approach pair alongside a creamy sherry or tawny port. A cup of black tea accompanies the Cremino nicely as well in an afternoon rut where something sweet is needed!


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