Baratti & Milano Subalpino Coffee Praline Ballotin 150 Grams

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This Baratti & Milano specialty is inspired by the famous Torinese coffee, "bicerin", found in cafes across the regal city of Turin. Inside the velvety smooth milk chocolate shell, hazelnut, coffee and cream fillings mingle to create a moment of pure delight.

Contains Less than 1% alcohol used as flavoring. Not intended for children or persons under the age of 21 years of age.

Net Wt. 5.25 oz. / 150 grams

External ingredients:
Milk chocolate and gianduja hazelnuts (sugar, cocoa butter, hazelnuts (15.5%), whole milk powder, cocoa mass, soy lecithin emulsifier).
Internal ingredients:

invert sugar syrup, sugar, alcoholic infusion (alcohol, water, coffee, flavorings, citric acid acidifier), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, hazelnuts, cocoa mass, milk cream , soy lecithin emulsifier, coffee paste (hazelnuts, coffee 0.02%), flavorings.

Produced in the same facility as and may contain trace amounts of pistachios and almonds.

Gluten free.

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 68 to 73 degrees F.

Italian Lesson:
How to make Bicerin Coffee
Two Servings
To make a bicerin, warm one cup (250 ml) whole milk in a medium-sized saucepan with 3 ounces (90 gr) of chopped bittersweet or semisweet chocolate. Whisk the mixture until it begins to boil, then let it boil for 1 minute, whisking constantly (the chocolate mixture will foam up a bit.)It’s important to use a clear glass; you need to be able to see all three layers.
Afterward, remove it from the heat and set aside. Make a small pot of very strong coffee, or good Italian espresso.
Fill the bottom third of a clear, heat-proof glass with the warm chocolate mixture. Pour in some coffee or espresso. (If you want to help it create a definite layer, pour it over the back of a spoon, into the glass.)
Top with a nice swirl of sweetened, freshly-whipped cream.

Or make sure to put the Baratti and Milano café in Turin on your list to visit next and have a professional make one for you while surrounded by the intricacy and ornate beauty of one of the most historical buildings (or café’s) in Italy!

Italian Translation:
Baratti e Milano Ballotin Subalpino al Caffe'

To be enjoyed:
With a piping hot espresso

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