Baratti & Milano Gianduiotto Prism Gift Box 200 Grams

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Creamy and smooth, a perfect balance between milk chocolate and hazelnut.  This perfect Gianduiotto melts in your mouth and leaves a persistent finish well after it's gone.  Pure happiness in chocolate form. Famous wine writer Ian D'Agata has said, "Baratti e Milano is the 'Grand Cru' of Gianduiotti". 

This beautiful gold prism-shaped box recalls the iconic shape of the Baratti & Milano Gianduiotto and contains 200 grams of this world famous chocolate creation. Gianduiotti is a delectable mix of Baratti's famous milk chocolate made from a proprietary blend of cacao beans from Ecuador and Ghana and Europe's best milk from Normandy France.

Net Wt. 200g/7.05 oz.

Sugar, Hazelnuts (source: Piemonte, Italy, Tonda Gentile) (26%), cocoa mass (source: Ghana and Ecuador, produced in Italy), cocoa butter (source: Ghana and Ecuador, produced in Italy), Whole Milk powder  (source: Normandy, France), emulsifier: Soy lecithin.

Naturally Gluten Free

AllergensHazelnuts, Milk, Soy

Keep in a cool (18C - 20C) (64F - 68F) dry odorless place. If kept too cool, i.e. refrigerated, or too warm, the chocolate will have a natural reaction called blooming, where the cocoa butter rises to the surface of the chocolate and turns the surface cloudy or white. 

Made in Piemonte, Italy

Learning about Baratti & Milano:
Legend has it that Baratti & Milano perfected the famous gianduiotti and became the royal chocolate makers to the House of Savoy.

Italian Translation:
Baratti e Milano Scatola Regalo Prisma di Gianduiotto

To be enjoyed:
Both a creamy sherry or tawny port would pair nicely with the hazelnut forward flavor of this particular chocolate if serving as an after dinner affair.  Also pairs well alongside a red wine with a hint of spice such as a Petite Syrah or for a mild blend choose a Dolcetto, Nebbiolo or even a Rioja blend. For a different setting pair alongside a cremoso or with a frosty glass of cow's milk or oat milk.

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