Baratti & Milano Myth & Travel Selection Tasting of Four Dark Chocolate Bars


Start your journey in Italy and explore the world with Baratti & Milano. With the Myth & Travel series, you'll travel to through our dark chocolate. Each box contains a selection of 4 bars: Ecuador 99%, Extra Dark 88%, 70% Dark Chocolate bar and Ecuador 75%. This is the perfect gift for the single source chocolate lover. Taste the balanced tannins of the cacao that is achieved with expert farming and chocolate making. Embrace your #wanderlust with @barattimilano.

Four Chocolate Bars

Ecuador 99%
Be prepared to witness the majesty of 99% Extra Dark chocolate of the highest quality with the intense taste of the Ecuador cocoa from which it is produced. 

Ecuadorian cocoa, sugar, natural vanilla extract. Cocoa: 99% minimum. It may contain traces of milk, hazelnutsalmonds, and soy

Gluten free.

Extra Dark 88% Bar
This dark chocolate unites Baratti & Milano’s various Grandi Cru del Cacaos. Blending of the cacaos creates a subtle bouquet of flavors and aromas. Lowering the amount of added sugars gives this bar a silky, rich, and velvety mouthfeel. An engaging pleasant slight bitterness lingers alongside gripping tannin. This bar is a fantastic complement to charcuterie boards. Natural Occurring Notes of Brazil nut, plum and nutmeg can be found in this earthy delicate chocolate bar.

Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla extract. Cocoa: 88% minimum. It may contain traces of milkhazelnutsalmonds, and soy.

Gluten free.

70% Bar
This Baratti & Milano masterpiece is part of the Gran Selezione Degustazione collection and uses a blend of cocoa beans from Ghana and Ecuador to create a perfectly balanced 70% chocolate. As in all Baratti & Milano products, there are only natural ingredients used to produce this amazing chocolate. Our chocolate master's objective is to create a bar with balanced flavors of tannin from the 70% chocolate. This is the ideal "semi-sweet" flavor for a not-too-dark, not-too-light chocolate experience. This blend creates an other world balance of flavor of red fruit and floral notes.

Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, fat-reduced cocoa, natural flavor. Contains a minimum of 70% cocoa. May contain traces of (was produced in a facility and on machinery that also produces products that contain): milk, hazelnuts, almonds, soy.

Allergy Warning:  May contain traces of (was produced in a facility and on machinery that also produces products that contain): milk, hazelnuts, almonds, soy.

Gluten Free

Dairy Free (may contain trace amounts)

Vegan (may contain trace amounts of dairy)

Ecuador 75% Bar
This single origin chocolate is part of Baratti & Milano’s collection of dark chocolates titled ‘I Grandi Cru del Cacao’ The natural sweetness of the cacao shines thanks to careful sourcing and detailed¨ low temperature drying and roasting techniques. By mindfully conching and tempering the cacao a smooth and velvety texture is all encompassing within our line of chocolate bars.

Cacao beans sourced from this region of Ecuador highlight a creamy mouthfeel and desirable flavor palate. Natural occurring notes of hazelnut, orange, and cinnamon make this dark chocolate accessible and comforting.

Extra Bitter Chocolate

Ecuador cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract, Cocoa: 75% minimum. 
Produced in the same facility as and may contain trace amounts of: milkhazelnuts, and almonds.

Gluten Free

Store in a cool dry place, without sun and odor. 68 to 73 degrees F. 

Learning Italian: 
The true translation of Dark in Italian is Scuro but when describing a dark chocolate many will use the word Fondente which also translates to the English word Fondant

Italian Lesson:
Baratti e Milano Selezione di Degustazione di Quattro Barrette di Cioccolato Fondente

To be enjoyed: 
Most wine experts would suggest pairing dark chocolates with merlots, zinfandels or cabernets. Typically the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine. We are currently enjoying these dark chocolates a little differently alongside a Royal Tokaji hungarian wine which does not over power this particular chocolate yet compliments its strong tannins very well. To experience a pop of orange and honey flavor can also be served alongside a Sauternes.

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