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Piazza Castello Tin of Gianduiotti


This product is currently sold out, but will be arriving soon from Italy.

Legend has it that Baratti & Milano invented the famous gianduiotti and became the royal chocolate makers to the House of Savoy.

Creamy and smooth, a perfect balance between milk chocolate and hazelnut.  This perfect gianduiotto melts in your mouth and leaves a persistent finish well after it's gone.  Pure happiness in chocolate form. Famous wine writer Ian D'Agata has said, "Baratti e Milano is the 'Grand Cru' of Gianduiotti". 

This keepsake collectable tin of the famous Piazza Castello in Turino, or Turin, contains 450 grams of Baratti and Milano's world famous and royal chocolate invention, Gianduiotti. Gianduiotti is a delectable mix of Baratti's famous milk chocolate made from a proprietary blend of cacao beans from Ecuador and Ghana and Europe's best milk from Normandy France.

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